Pyramid House, Sunapee Region, NH


This new country house sits atop a hill in the Lake Sunapee region of New Hampshire.  Three distinct pyramid shaped roofs make this residential project unique while the cedar-shingle siding and the courtyard in the main foyer, maintain the simplicity of traditional country style.   Energy-efficiency was an element we incorporated from the initial stages of schematic design; for example, the building envelope consists of 12 inch double wall construction filled with blown cellulose insulation, and the lower sloped metal roofs are filled with close-cell spray foam.  In addition, we placed a six-inch under-slab of insulation to retain heat, and the foundation walls are insulated on both the inside and outside.  Each of these details allow for a very efficient building, and for the inhabitants to stay warm during the coldest New England winters.  Furthermore, the robust envelope makes for a more resilient building overall.  The Ground Source system provides the heating and cooling, while a large woodshed provides the necessary space for an abundance of firewood, cut by the owner.   A screen porch with a fireplace and removable glass panels allow for year-round use.

Along with a tight building envelope, acoustical considerations were of the utmost importance to our clients.  Therefore, aside from the acoustic separated walls, the floors have acoustical channels below the framing, and a layer of concrete above to reduce all noise and vibration transfer between levels.

Thoughtful design, with a consideration to practicality, allows for this building to be used throughout the year, and enjoyed for multiple generations.

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Design Team: Sheldon Pennoyer AIA LEED AP,  Renee Fair

Builder: Old Hampshire Designs, New London, NH

Structural Engineer: Roome & Guarracino, Somerville, MA

Architectural Woodworking/Millwork:  D.S.Huntington, Hancock, NH

Interior Design: Sarah Chapin, Sarah Chapin Interiors

Energy and Envelope Consultant: Margaret Dillon, Jaffrey, NH

Photography: John W. Hession, Dorchester, NH